There are many myths and traditions associated with chimney sweeps, and many of the reasons for them are lost in the mists of time. It has long been a tradition in this country for a chimney sweep to attend weddings, to bring luck to the bride and groom. Some say this tradition began when when George III was riding in his carriage, the horses bolted but were stopped by a passing sweep. In gratitude for saving his life, the King decreed that all chimney sweeps are bringers of luck and must treated with respect.

It is interesting to note that magic and customs regarding chimney sweeps are to be found all over Europe, especially in Germany, Austria, and France, where it is considered lucky to touch a sweep's tunic button, and particularly in Poland, whose patron saint, St. Florian, is also that of sweeps.

Sweeps are also regarded as lucky in Scandanavia, the Balkans and in Russia, where they like to tear off his button for luck, and for every country there is a different story. In any culture, a visit from a sweep brings the security of a safe and warm home and the reassurance of the safe basic comfort of the fire, the heart of a home, which has always been associated with family, happiness and well-being.

In accordance with our proud tradition, and in one of the most enjoyable aspects of our work in which we recognise the mystical side to our ancient profession, we can arrange for a genuine working sweep to attend your wedding in traditional Victorian attire to greet the happy couple as they leave the church, or at the reception. Various extras are available, please contact us for details.